Market uncertainty caused by global economic and geopolitical developments and an increasingly competitive business environment have driven forward-thinking organisations to seek new ways to find growth.

While each economy will have to find its own strategy, on September 20-21, at Forbes Romania CEE Forum, journalists from the worldwide Forbes network, along with relevant C-level managers and authorities will try to find the pillars that every growth strategy should be based on and the specific issues that doing business in emerging markets raises.

Forbes CEE Forum will address important issues that will, eventually, shape the best model for the much-wanted long-term, sustainable growth. The Forum will gather 400 senior policy makers, high profile investors and industry thought leaders, senior or board-level attendees from local and regional corporations.

Forbes CEE Forum will focus on the main issues concerning this region's future development - the countries, industries and sectors that provide the most promise, the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to deliver the promise and how will businesses, consumers and investors profit.
The first event of such magnitude and scope in Romania, tackling present issues that are at the core of regional politics in South, Central and Eastern European areas, the Baltic countries and the Middle East.

September 20-21,
Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest,
Bucharest, Romania
8.00 - 9.00
Delegates` registration & welcome coffee
8.00 - 9.00
Delegates` registration & welcome coffee
Welcome address & official opening of the Forum
Ionut Bonoiu, Chief Editor, Forbes Romania


Strengthening the Integration between Central and Eastern Europe Countries, as viewed by the Forbes Network

Guest speakers:
Maija Golubovica, Editor in Chief of Forbes Baltic
Michael Broniatowski, Editor-in-Chief Forbes Poland
Nikolay Uskov, Editor in Chief of Forbes Russia
Rafi Rosenfeld, Publisher Forbes Israel
Lachezar Bogdanov, Partner Forbes Bulgaria
9.00 - 10.15
Sum-up of Day 1
Session 4


Global energy markets are now at an inflection point. A sesison about the changing framework, independence and geopolitcal concerns and the challenges of the energy sector.

Guest speakers:
Victor Grigorescu, Minister of Energy
Ciprian Glodeanu, Partner Wolf Theiss
Kinga Daradics, Chief Executive Officer of MOL Romania

Coffee Break
Session 1
The new rules of leadership throw the uncertainty caused by global economic and geopolitical developments

Guest speakers:
Janusz Piechociński, Former Ministry of Economy of Poland and President of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce
Ion Sturza, Former Prime Minister Moldova, Entrepreneur
Mișu Negrițoiu, President ASF
Radu Georgescu, Serial Entrepreneur
Robert Redeleanu, CEO UPC România & Hungary

Coffee break
10.30 - 11.45
Session 5

past years were rich in unexpected changes for the agriculture sector, but this and the future years bring possibilities and challenges never seen before. Lots of unresolved questions, professional issues and challenges to be answered.

Coffee break

Session 2

Adjusting to a New Paradigm: politics aside, the CEE countries should be pushing in making themselves more attractive to investors looking for the regions and countries with the strongest potential to thrive in the long term.

Guest speakers:
Ionuț Simion, President AmCham
Dragoș Anastasiu, Presedinte AHK
George Cătălin Costache, CEO, Siemens România
Christian Mazuric, CEO BricoDepot

Coffee Break
12.00 - 13.15
Session 6

The most disruptive and innovative companies tend to be realtively new. What about older, larger and more traditional companies? How the new technologies are being used to improve profitability and restructure operations.

Guest speakers:
Daniel Boaje, CEO, McDonald's Romania
Andrei Pitiș, Founder Vector Watch
Iulian Popescu, Partner Mușat & Asociații
Marcel Foca, CEO Intergraph

Coffee break
13.30 - 14.45
Session 3

Alternate Sources of Financing: a broad look at sources of equity and debt financing available to companies and organizations in the current financial climate.

Guest speakers:
Claudiu Cercel, Deputy CEO BRD
Horia Manda, Managing Partner Axess Capital
Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO BVB
Doru Lionăchescu, Managing Partner BT Capital Partners

13.30 - 14.45
Session 7

Are the current models of organisational design and leadership still relevant for the generation of Millennials, and the new skills necessary for sustained productivity? What more could be done to stimulate entrepreneurship, SMEs, the family businesses and the environment for start-ups?

Guest speakers:
Dan Ștefan, Co-Founder Autonom
Dragos Anastasiu, Presedinte AHK
Vlad Craioveanu, Founder ImpactHub Bucharest
Adrian Irimescu, CEO imobiliare.ro

Ionut Bonoiu Ionut BonoiuChief Editor
Forbes Romania
Mugur Isarescu Mugur IsărescuGovernor
National Bank of Romania
Mugur Isărescu is the Governor of the National Bank of Romania. He became the Governor of the National Back of Romania in September 1990 and he kept his position ever since, with the exception of an eleven months period (22 December 1999 to 28 November 2000), during which he served as Prime Minister of Romania. He is also a member of the Romanian Academy.
Liviu Nicolae Dragnea Liviu DragneaPresedinte PSD
Janusz Piechocinski Janusz PiechocińskiPresident of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce
Janusz Piechociński is the President of Polish - Asian Chamber of Commerce. He also held the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland between 2012 and 2015.
Latchezar Bogdanov Latchezar BogdanovPartner
Forbes Bulgaria
Lachezar Bogdanov, manager at Industry Watch Bulgaria and partner of Forbes Bulgaria. Also, since 2003, he is a member Bulgarian Macroeconomics Association.
Michael Broniatowski Michael BroniatowskiEditor-in-Chief
Forbes Poland
Michael Broniatowski, Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Poland. He began his career in 1979 on TV, where he worked until martial law and in 2013 he co-founded a new all day news channel in Ukraine - Espresso TV. Currently, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of TVN SA.
Rafi Rosenfeld Rafi RosenfeldPublisher
Forbes Israel
Rafi Rosenfeld, publisher at Forbes Israel and co-founder of RB Media, in 2011.
Maija Golubovica Maija GolubovicaEditor in Chief of Forbes Baltic
Maija Golubovica, former Managing Editor of Forbes Baltics since 2014, present economic analyst.
Radu Georgescu Radu GeorgescuFondator Gecad
Mile Vasic Mile VasicAmbassador
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mile Vasic, is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Romania. He is also President of the European Marketing and Management Association since 2007 and Member of the EURAM since 2012.
Jan Gabor Ján GÁBORAmbassador
Slovak Embassy
Ján GÁBOR is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Slovakia to Romania. He also held the position of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.
Mihael ZUPANČIČ Mihael ZUPANČIČAmbasador Slovenia in Romania
Ion Ghizdeanu Ion GhizdeanuPreședintele Comisie Naționale de Prognoză
Marcin Bartlomiej Wilczek Marcin Bartlomiej WilczekAmbasador Polonia in Romania
Victor Vlad Grigorescu Victor Vlad GrigorescuMinister of Energy
Victor Vlad Grigorescu is the Minister of Energy. He has 8 years experience in the Romanian public administration. In 2014 , he worked in the Department of Energy, among others, holding the position of adviser of the Ministry for Energy.
Mihai-Daraban Mihai DarabanPresident of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
Mihai Daraban is president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania since 2014 and President of CCINA Constanta since 2002. As President of CCIR, Mihai Daraban represents business environment with political decision-makers and international organizations and helps boosting economic, trading and investing contacts with representative organizations for the business field. His efforts aim: CCIR positioning as a factor of moderation among political decision-makers and the business community, supporting Romanian companies on foreign markets, increasing internal and external trade, relaunching vocational education, designing Romexpo as industry leader of trade fair in Romania. Also, has the aim to represent the interests of the business community in relation to both the central authorities and other public or private organizations, locally and internationally.
Ludwik Sobolewski Ludwik SobolewskiCEO
Ludwic Sobolewski is a Polish lawyer and the CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Between 2006 and 2013 he was CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
Misu-Negritoiu Mişu NegriţoiuMişu Negriţoiu, Presedinte Autoritatea de Supraveghere Financiara
Ion Sturza Ion SturzaFormer Prime Minister Moldova
Ion Sturza is a Moldavian important politician and businessman. He has also served as Prime Minister of Moldavia between 19 February and 12 November 1999.
Emil Dumitru Doru LionachescuPresident
BT Capital Partners
Emil Dumitru is the president of ProAgro and also former director of the National Organization Inter- Wine ( ONIV ).
Iulian Popescu Iulian PopescuPartner
Mușat & Asociații
Iulian Popescu (Partner Musat & Asociatii) is one of the experienced professionals in aspects of corporate and commercial law, specializing in telecommunications, IT & media, environment and transport, mergers and acquisitions, public and private projects and negotiating commercial contracts. Over the 12 years he had spent at Musat & Asociatii, Iulian Popescu counseled some of the largest operators of technology and telecommunications, internationally and locally, some major media and IT companies, on the whole spectrum of issues related to legal IT sector (software and distribution services, online commerce and data protection). Maritime and aviation transport are highly qualified specializations in which Iulian Popescu has an impressive experience, particularly in connection with shipping and associated legislation, where he managed a number of important mandates of litigious and non-litigious law on disputes and multi-jurisdictional transactions.
George Catalin Costache George Cătălin CostacheCEO
Siemens România
George Cătălin Costache performs in the business world with an experience of nearly 30 years. Before becoming CEO of Siemens in Romania in 2012, George Catalin Costache has held various management positions in companies such as Danfoss, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies and Siemens.
Kinga Daradics Kinga DaradicsChief Executive Officer of MOL Romania
Mrs. Kinga Daradics has been appointed the Country Chairman of MOL in Romania and Chief Executive Officer of MOL Romania in May 2011. MOL Romania covers the Romanian operations of MOL Group, encompassing upstream, as well as downstream activities. The company has over 1 billion USD turnover, being Top 10 biggest tax payer in Romania. MOL Romania has significant B2B (wholesale, card, bitumen, LPG, petrochemicals, lubricants) and B2C businesses (loyalty programs, promotions, service station operation). Kinga started her career within MOL Group in 2003 and prior to her current position she led the Card Products division of MOL Group, coordinating the activity of 9 countries in CEE and strategic cross-European partnerships.
Dragos Anastasiu Dragoș AnastasiuPresedinte AHK
Daniel Boaje Daniel BoajeCEO
McDonald's Romania
Daniel Boaje is CEO of McDonald's in Romania since March 2011, a business covering 21 cities in Romania with 68 restaurants and 4,000 employees. Since 2016, McDonald's is part of the company Premier Capital, partner of McDonald's development in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta. Graduate of the Executive MBA Asebus, Daniel Boaje has a solid experience in management and leadership at McDonald's, the company he worked for 10 years until 2004 and in which he returned in 2010 as Business Development Director. His career was consolidated in the financial field between 2004-2010, when he was Operating Director and after that, Executive Director of IFN-BNP Cetelem Paribas.
Adrian Erimescu Adrian ErimescuCEO and co-founder
Adrian Erimescu, CEO and co-founder of Imobiliare.ro - the largest real estate portal in the country - has an experience of over 16 years in the Romanian online real estate field that brought the company to a turnover of 2.5 million euro in 2015. This year, Imobiliare.ro was the subject of one of the largest transactions in the category of online business in Romania, a majority stake was taken over by Swiss media group Ringier.
Claudiu Cercel Claudiu CercelDeputy CEO
Claudiu Cercel has an experience of 23 years in the banking sector, within BRD – Groupe Societe Generale. He held various operational and management positions in the bank’s treasury and financial markets activities. Since 2008 he is Deputy Chief Executive Officer, member of BRD’s Management Board, coordinating the financial and capital markets activities, asset management, investor services and market analysis. He graduated the Academy of Economic Studies, Cybernetics and Business Informatics Faculty – 1992, the Executive MBA program of Asebuss Bucharest/University of Washington, USA, as well as various management and leadership courses organized by Societe Generale, and by other banking and educational institutions, among which Nomura Bank, Bank of America, University of Montreal, London Business School. He is a member of the Romanian Association for the Club of Rome.
Ciprian Glodeanu Ciprian GlodeanuPartner Wolf Theiss
Ciprian Glodeanu is Partner in the law office of Wolf Theiss Bucharest and energy practice group coordinator. His extensive experience includes legal assistance given to national and international project developers of solar, wind and hydro in both the planning phase and in the implementation. Also, Ciprian was involved in projects of conventional energy, especially oil and gas. With an impressive history of legal project coordination, Ciprian is a supporting the development of renewable energy sector in Romania. He is also Chairman of Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association - RPIA, which was founded on his initiative in 2012, the association aiming to facilitating networking among the players of national and international active in the solar sector in Romania, and facilitating communication between them and regulators . Being a key figure in the energy sector, Ciprian is frequently invited to participate as a speaker at national and international conferences, having as main topic of discussion renewable and conventional energy in Romania. Ciprian is ranked by international legal guides as a "Leading Lawyer" also received the "Lawyer of the Year 2011 Energy in Romania" by AvocatNet.ro.
Dan Stefan Dan StefanFounding Partner
Dan Ștefan Founding Partner at Autonom. After studying in France and the USA, Dan Stefan worked in a consulting company, and all the money he had earned were invested on the stock exchange in Romania. As he told "there was a time when it wasn’t very difficult to make money on the stock market, you just left them there to grow." With that profit was established Autonomous Rent-a-car by Dan Stefan and his brother, Marius.
Doru Lionachescu Doru LionachescuPresident
BT Capital Partners
Doru Lionachescu is currently President and Principal Partner of Capital Partners, the largest independent consulting company in mergers and acquisitions and corporate financings from Romania. He spent nearly 11 years in various management positions in banking at ING Bank, Citibank and Bancpost.
Horia Manda Horia MandaManaging Partner
Axess Capital
Horia Manda is the Managing Director of Axess Capital, company that manages funds of Romanian-American Enterprise Fund (RAEF), Balkan Accession Fund (BAF) and Emerging Europe Accession Fund. Also, he coordinates the entire investment process, from initiation to signing transactions, financing and managing capital investments.
Ionut Simion Ionuț SimionPresident
Ionuț Simion is a Country Managing Partner at PwC Romania since 2015. He also holds the position of President of Amcham and he is involved in several high level projects with the local authorities and international organisations in relation to the improvement of the business environment and modernisation of the tax system.
Robert Redeleanu Robert RedeleanuCEO
UPC România & Hungary
Robert Redeleanu has joined UPC Romania in 2013, in the position of Chief Marketing Officer, after more than 15 years in the consumer goods industry, both in Romania and abroad. From the 1st of July 2015 Redeleanu Robert is CEO of UPC Romania.
Vlad Craioveanu Vlad CraioveanuManaging Director
Impact Hub
Vlad Craioveanu is a 34 years old Romanian impact entrepreneur. Idealist and a strong believer that a greater good can be achieved in today’s pragmatic world, Vlad is co-founder and CEO of Impact Hub Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and former Partner of Business Models Inc. CEE. Following 4 years of volunteering in a NGO and 6 years of corporate work in marketing and business development, Vlad enjoys the most working with NGOs, start-ups and companies in structuring their business models for maximizing their impact.
Marcel Foca Marcel FocaCEO
Marcel Foca, is the 1995 shareholder and general manager of Intergraph Computer Services (ICS) and the local partner of American Corporation Intergraph Corp., an innovator and market leader company for more than 30 years in the field of mapping and geospatial technology.
Ioana Filipescu Ioana FilipescuPartner
Deloitte Romania
Ovidiu Dîmbean Ovidiu DîmbeanDean of Romanian-American School of Business ASEBUSS
Lavinia Raşcă Lavinia RaşcăStrategy and Entrepreneurship Professor ASEBUSS
Platinum Partners
BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) was founded in 1916 as a producer of airplane engines. In the 1920’ the company evolved into a producer of motorcycle engines, motorcycles and later cars. German engineering that delivers sheer driving pleasure: BMW, the most successful premium car manufacturer in the world is also one of the most appreciated German brands in Romania. BMW Group Romania, with the two brands, BMW and MINI, entered the Romanian market in 2007.
Industry Partners
Academic Partner

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