Almost six years after the unfolding of the worst global financial crisis in recent history, many countries are still struggling to cope with the turmoil. The new realities proved the need for new growth models.

While each economy will have to find its own strategy, on September 23-24, at Forbes CEE Forum, journalists from the worldwide Forbes network, along with relevant C-level managers and authorities will try to find the pillars that every growth strategy should be based on and the specific issues that doing business in emerging markets raises.

Forbes CEE Forum will address important issues that will, eventually, shape the best model for the much-wanted long-term, sustainable growth. The Forum will gather 300 senior policy makers, high profile investors and industry thought leaders, senior or board-level attendees from local and regional corporations.

Forbes CEE Forum will focus on the main issues concerning this region's future development - the countries, industries and sectors that provide the most promise, the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to deliver the promise and how will businesses, consumers and investors profit.
The first event of such magnitude and scope in Romania, tackling present issues that are at the core of regional politics in South, Central and Eastern European areas, the Baltic countries and the Middle East.

September 23-24,
Howard Johnson Grand Plaza,
Bucharest, Romania
9.00 - 9.30
Delegates` registration & welcome coffee
9.00 - 9.30
Delegates` registration & welcome coffee
Welcome address & official opening of the Forum
Ionut Bonoiu, Chief Editor, Forbes Romania
The session will focus on:

Similarities vs diferences: Strengthening the integration between Central and Eastern Europe Countries

Guest speakers:
Andrian Candu, Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova
Dionysios Chionis, Professor of Economics, Democritus Univ. of Thrace, Greece
H.E. Botond Zákonyi, Ambassador of Hungary in Romania
H.E. Marek Szczygiel, Ambassador of Poland in Romania
H.E. Jadranka Šturm Kocjan, Ambassador of Slovenia in Romania
9.30 - 10.00
Sum-up of Day 1
10.00 - 11.00
Plenary Session IV:

Similarities vs diferences: Strengthening the Integration between Central and Eastern Europe Countries

Confirmed speakers:
H.E. Botond Zákonyi, Ambassador of Hungary in Romania
H.E. Claudio Pérez Paladino, Ambassador of Argentina in Romania
H.E. Marek Szczygiel, Ambassador of Poland in Romania
H.E. Jadranka Šturm Kocjan, Ambassador of Slovenia in Romania
Denis Jelimalai, Economic Affairs Counsellor, The Embassy of Republic of Moldova in Romania

Kostas Kollias, President of the Greek Economic Chamber
Dionysios Chionis, Professor of Economics, Democritus Univ. of Thrace
Giorgi Gabashvili, Member of the Parliament of Georgia
Zurab Japaridze, Member of the Parliament of Georgia

Coffee break
Plenary Session:
Policy Makers Must Govern The World Economy With Measures That Seek To Address Fiscal Balance, Currency Stability, Economic Development, Job Creation And Equitable Growth For Society.
Where are The Opportunities For Growth In Central And Eastern Europe?
How Are Central And Eastern European Countries Interactions With The Global Economy?

The session will also focus on:
  • Implementing difficult structural reforms, fiscal balance, currency stability
  • How to improve performance in the competitiveness rankings
  • Inflation
  • Favorable business environment

Confirmed speakers:
Mișu Negrițoiu, President, ASF Romania (Financial Supervisory Authority)
Mihai Bogza, President, Foreign Investment Council
Elisabetta Capannelli, country manager Romania & Hungary World Bank Group

Ion Sturza, Chairman, Fribourg Capital
Radu Florescu, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Romania
Kinga Daradics, CEO Mol România
Ahmed Hassan, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania and Moldova

Coffee break

11.00 - 12.30
Plenary Session V:

The session will focus on:
The Increasing Role Of The Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders, Through Education And Job Creation
The Focus On Innovation And Adopting Technologies That Will Enhance Productivity
How To Raise Productivity And Labour Participation

Confirmed speakers:
Christo Popov, Founder & CEO, FastTrack, Rockefeller Habits
Cristian Nacu, Partner, Enterprise Investors
Ovidiu Şandor, Entrepreneur, Modatim Investment
Doina Cepalis, General Manager - Te-Rox Prod

Fritz Mostboeck, Head of Group Reasearch, Erste Group Bank

Coffee break
Plenary Session:
The session will focus on:
  • The Impact of Fed and ECB Monetary Policies on CEE Economies
  • Healthy Trade Balance, Addressing Productivity And Investment Issues In Lagging Sectors, And Raising Domestic Savings While Bringing Back Fdi
  • Fears of Deleveraging and Western Banking Capital Flight
  • The New Model for Banking in the CEE

Confirmed speakers:
George Georgakopoulos, Executive Vice President, Bancpost Romania
Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange
Levon Hampartzoumian, CEO and Chairman of the MB of UniCredit Bulbank and Chairman of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria
Florin Dănescu, Chairman of the Association of Banks in Romania
12.30 - 14.00
Plenary Session VI:

The session will focus on:
The trends in the consumer market
Global urbanization as the main driver of human creativity
Generation Y consumers vs. Baby Boomer consumers

Confirmed speakers:
Daniel Boaje, CEO, McDonald's Romania
Georgios Argentopoulos, CEO, Baneasa Development
Mihai Barsan, Vice President Marketing, URSUS Breweries
Alexandru Vlad, Executive Director, Selgros
14.00 - 14.30
14.00 - 14.30
14.30 - 16.00
Plenary Session:

The session will focus on:
The level of investment and performance in R&D
Is CEE a hub for IT&C companies?
Are there any fiscal facilities for IT&C employers in the region?
The focus on innovation and adopting technologies that will enhance productivity

Confirmed speakers:
Dr. Thomas H. Osburg, Director Europe Corporate Affairs, Intel Corp
Randolph Moorer, Vice President – Software, Central & Eastern Europe, IBM
Kostas Loukas, CEO, Microsoft Romania
14.30 - 16.00
Plenary Session VII:

Confirmed speakers:
Ileana Baltatu, Downstream Executive Director, NIS GazProm
Daniela Lulache, CEO, Nuclearelectrica
Camelia Șucu, Entrepreneur, Class Living
Lucian Buzdugan, CEO Agricost Insula Mare a Brailei
Cosmin ChioreanuGeneral Manager Monsanto Romania and Moldova

Coffee break
16.00 - 17.00
Plenary Session:

Confirmed speakers:
Christian von Albrichsfeld, CEO Continental România
Mircea Tudor, Entrepreneur, MB Telecom, Romania
Petr Hermann, VP Solutions, Customer Satisfaction & Quality for CEE Zone, Schneider Electric
Dan Lazarescu, Entrepreneur, Canah International
Session VIII:

Confirmed speakers:
Tolga Banyocu, Strategic Planning Director, Garanti Bank
Omer Susli, Owner, Praktiker Romania
Omer Tetik, CEO, Banca Transilvania
17.00 - 17.30
Forum conclusions & close-up session by Forbes International Network editors

Ionut Bonoiu, Forbes România
Iordan Mateev, Forbes Bulgaria
Stamatis Zacharos, Forbes Greece
Guga Sulkhanishvili, Forbes Georgia
Maija Golubovica, Forbes Latvia & Estonia
Khuloud Al Omian, Forbes Middle East
George Georgakopoulos
Executive Vice President - Bancpost Romania
George Georgakopoulos is Executive Vice President at Bancpost and Chairman of the Board of ERB Retail Services, being responsible for the retail activity of Bancpost. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of MasterCard in Romania. Before that he did almost 13 years with Barclays Group mainly in London and has worked in Paris and the Middle East.
H.E. Botond Zákonyi
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Romania
H.E. Botond Zákonyi has been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Romania.
Christo Popov
Founder & CEO - FastTrack, Rockefeller Habits
The CEO of FastTrack, Rockefeller Habits, Christo Popov has previously held various executive positions in Shell, Sab Miller, Inbev and Intersnack. Among his professional accomplishments, Popov founded and managed one of the fasted growing independent c-store chains in South East Europe and set up over 15 new businesses.
Cristian Nacu
Partner - Enterprise Investors
Cristian Nacu has extensive experience of private equity, investment banking, privatization and industry. Since joining Enterprise Investors in 2005, Mr. Nacu has been head of the firm's representative office in Romania and he is responsible for Enterprise Investors' investment activities in Romania.
Daniela Lulache
CEO - Nuclearelectrica
Daniela Lulache has extensive experience of corporate finance, brokerage and strategic management. She holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Nuclearelectrica since 2013. Previously, she worked as Counselor of the Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Romania.
Doina Cepalis
General Manager - Te-Rox Prod
Doina Cepalis has over 20 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship. Te-Rex Prod was founded in 2007 by the Romanian entrepreneur and has become the market leader in the children car seat accessories niche. The entire production of Te-Rex Prod is oriented towards exports.
Fritz Mostboeck
Head of Group Reasearch - Erste Group Bank
Since 1996 Fritz Mostboeck has been Head of Group Research of Erste Group Bank AG, where he is in charge of macro-economic, fixed income and equity research in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, and Austria. His division is responsible for the definition of the investment strategy, providing the input for the asset allocation of Erste Group in the three large currency blocks (US dollar, euro, and yen).
Georgios Argentopoulos
CEO - Baneasa Commercial Area
The CEO of Baneasa Developments, Georgios Argentopoulos has previously held various executive positions in Romtelecom and financial management positions in industries such as real estate, hospitality, energy and retail.
Ileana Baltatu
Downstream Executive Director - NIS GazProm
Ileana Baltatu is the Downstream Executive Director of NIS GazProm. Prior to this, she held various executive positions in Shell and Slovnaf, having over 20 years of experience in the refined oil industry.
Jadranka Šturm Kocjan
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Slovenia to Bucharest
Kinga Daradics
CEO and Country Chairman - MOL Romania
During the past three years, Kinga Daradics has held the position of CEO and Country Chairman of MOL Romania, after having previously held various executive positions in MOL Group. She is also the youngest female CEO in Romania.
Ludwik Sobolewski
Ludwik Sobolewski has has been appointed for the position of General Manager of BVB in 2013. Prior to this, he was President and CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2006-2013, when the WSE became by far the largest exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, excelling in innovations in its domain.
Marek Szczygiel
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Romania
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Romania
Mihai Bogza
President - Foreign Investment Council
Mihai Bogza is President of the Foreign Investor Council of Romania since June 2013 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bancpost since May 2005. Between 2009-2011 he was also CEO of the Bank. From 1998 to 2004 Mr. Bogza was Vice Governor of the National Bank of Romania, in charge with coordinating regulation, authorization and prudential supervision activities.
Mircea Tudor
CEO - MB Telecom
Mircea Tudor is the first inventor in the world who won the great prize at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva twice, in 2009 and in 2013. The two famous products his company, MB Telecom, created are a tuck scanning system and a plane scanning system.
Misu Negritoiu
President - ASF
Misu Negritoiu has been appointed for the position of President of ASF, while remaining the non-executive Chairman of ING Romania. Prior to this, he was the CEO of ING Romania in 2006-2012.
Ovidiu Sandor
CEO - ModaTim Investment SA
Ovidiu Sandor is the developer of one of the most successful real estate projects in the Western part of Romania, a major class A office complex. His involvemnent in business started in 1998, when he took over a textile company, ModaTim. Since 2005, he runs a real estate company ModaTim Investment SA.
Randolph Moorer
Vice President - Software, Central & Eastern Europe IBM
Randolph Moorer has over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, as an application developer and analyst, marketing specialist, client relationship manager and sales leader. Prior to his appointment for the position of Vice President - Software, he held various management positions in IBM.
Thomas H. Osburg
Director Europe for Strategic Innovation and Corporate Affairs - Intel Corp.
Dr. Thomas Osburg is responsible for developing and implementing key Business and Social Innovation Initiatives. HE is a member of the Board of Directors for CSR Europe, VP Strategy and Organization and member of the Management Board of Directors for ABIS, and Speaker for the member companies of the German CSR Organization UPJ.
Camelia Sucu
Entrepreneur - Class Living
With over twenty years of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Camelia Sucu founded Mobewpert in 1993. She is currently the owner of Class Living and the Gros Market and also has also invested in agriculture and wellness.
Ahmed Hassan
Country Managing Partner - Deloitte Romania and Moldova
Ahmed Hassan is responsible for the strategy and direction of all Deloitte activities in Romania and Moldova. In addition to his management duties, Ahmed Hassan focuses on providing audit and assurance services to both private and public organizations in various parts of Asia Pacific and Europe, including Romania.
Mihaela Nicola
CEO - The Group
Mihaela Nicola, Zoltan Szigeti and Bogdan Nicola founded The Group in 2005. The business evolved into the largest communications group in Romania and Mihaela Nicola is currently its Chief Executive Officer.
Omer Susli
Owner, Praktiker
Omer Susli is the owner of Praktiker retailer chain in Romania since February, 2014. The chain currently includes 27 retailers and Susli's business objective is to reach 45 retailers in the next two years.
Dan Lazarescu
Entrepreneur - Canah International
After spending three years in Australia as a consulting engineer and project manager in the refined oil industry, Dan Lazarescu returned to Romania, where he founded two successful companies: Rombel Medical, which has been taken over by Medicover, and Total Soft. He is currently the majority shareholder of Canah International.
Radu Florescu
CEO Saatchi & Saatchi Romania
Radu Florescu, CEO Centrade Saatchi & Saatchi Romania, also occupies the position of president of Romanian Association of Advertising Agencies. In 2011, Florescu has been elected one of the four regional committee chairmen of EACA Committee, representing the Central & Eastern European Region, covering Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the Slovak Republic.
Daniel Boaje
General Manager, McDonald's
Daniel Boaje first started working at McDonald's Romania 20 years ago. Between 2004 and 2010, he held various executive positions in Credisson and Cetelem Romania. In 2011, he has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's Romania.
Kostas Loukas
CEO - Microsoft Romania
Kostas Loukas has been appointed CEO of Microsoft Romania in 2013. Prior to this, he held various executive positions in Microsoft Greece, Ciprus and Malta and in Coca-Cola Southeast Europe.
Ion Sturza
Chairman, Fribourg Capital
Ion Sturza is the founder and Chairman of Fribourg Capital. Prior to this, he has been the Prime Minister of The Republic of Moldova and the Managing Director of Rompetrol. During these years, Sturza's investments have been focused on IT, agriculture, real estate and the refined oil industry.
Omer Tetik
CEO, Banca Transilvania
Omer Tetik has been appointed CEO of Banca Transilvania in 2013. Prior to this, he has held various executive positions in Credit Europe Bank and Finansbank Romania.
supported by
BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) was founded in 1916 as a producer of airplane engines. In the 1920’ the company evolved into a producer of motorcycle engines, motorcycles and later cars. German engineering that delivers sheer driving pleasure: BMW, the most successful premium car manufacturer in the world is also one of the most appreciated German brands in Romania. BMW Group Romania, with the two brands, BMW and MINI, entered the Romanian market in 2007.
Bucharest Stock Exchange runs markets for shares, bonds and other instruments, through regulated platforms and alternative systems, and provides a wide range of services to participants of financial markets. Bucharest Stock Exchange is a public company, listed on its own market since 2010. For more information refer to www.bvb.ro.
Bancpost is a Top 10 universal bank in Romania with more than 23 years of experience on the local market. The Bank has 2,600 employees, a territorial network of 190 branches, 8 Regional Centers and 8 Business Centres, and provides a wide range of efficient banking and financial solutions to more than 1 million clients in the retail, corporate or institutional areas. Bancpost is also one of the leaders of the local card market and has developed extensive networks of over 550 ATMs, 8,800 POSs and 230 APSs, providing convenient and permanent access to the Bank’s services. Bancpost is the exclusive partner in Romania of American Express®, while at the same time is a Visa and MasterCard representative.
Vodafone Romania is the first telecom company to launch a GSM network in Romania, on April 15th 1997 and also the first operator to introduce 3G services. In 2010, Vodafone launched 3G services on 900 MHz broadband, at high speeds of up to 21,6 Mbps. Vodafone implemented the first 4G network in Romania on October 31, 2012, at speeds of up to 75 Mbps. The first commercial 4G services were launched on November 20, 2012. Vodafone is the leader on business market in Romania, with a market share of approximately 50%.
Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. Monsanto is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, US and it has more than 21.000 employees in 66 countries. Monsanto’s portfolio consists out of seeds for row crops and Crop Protection products (Roundup). Monsanto is invested since 1975 in Romania, reaching 144 permanent employees. In 2013, it was ranked as A Great Place to Work by Aon survey.
McDonald’s is the largest network of quick service restaurants in the world, with more than 3,000 restaurants in over 100 countries around the globe. In Romania, McDonald’s is the leader of the market with 67 restaurants in 21 cities and over 150.000 clients daily. McDonald’s employs 4000 people and has invested over 600 millions lei since 1995, when it opened the first restaurant in Romania.
Corporate Office Solutions (COS) is a leading specialist in workplace consultancy & design, fit out, M&E works, project management and office furniture supply, for office interiors. Founded in 1997, COS has continuously developed its range of services, becoming the first fully integrated office design & build specialist in Romania. Since foundation, COS holds the sole local authorized dealership of Steelcase, global leader in the office furniture industry. COS is also representing Interface, worldwide leader in modular carpet.

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